Your computer is acting a bit buggy. When you open it up you discover why: there is an onslaught of literal bugs streaming towards the CPU! You must build electrical defences on your computer's circuitboards to stop the bugs and rescue your files.

Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 38 game development Jam

How to play

  • The aim of each level is to survive all of the bug waves.
  • You lose a level if your health is reduced to 0.
  • You can place down towers on the orange wires. Each tower consumes an amount of power, and each seperate wire has only a certain amount of power available.
  • You can build capacitors that produce "stored energy" (different from power). You spend stored energy on more capacitors, and on generators which produce power allowing you to place more towers.


  • Written in JavaScript using the Phaser game engine.
  • Pixen and GIMP for sprite creation and editing.
  • Sublime Text 3 for programming.
  • Tiled map editor for creating the levels.
  • Chrome for testing and debugging.
  • Git for source control.

Special thanks to:

  • NZObiwan - for the ideas and implementation of two towers and two enemies.
  • EeveeDinah - for improved tower and enemy sprites.


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